The Woods is a series in development, created by Benjamin Calder and Spencer Muhlstock.


The series follows a group of troubled teenagers at a wilderness therapy camp who must escape both their traumatic pasts and the corrupt doctor as he descends into madness. 



Season 1 Summary

The Woods is a specialized therapy program that offers an alternative to medicinal treatment for extreme cases of juvenile trauma - a last resort for struggling families. Located deep in the forest of Wyoming, the hyper-modern compound includes vast stretches of wilderness surrounded by barbed wire fencing. Eight teens aged 15-18 must learn to co-exist and survive in the wild and are forced to participate in various psychological and physical trials referred to as “Meditations.”


What the patients don’t realize is that the doctor running the facility is secretly controlling every situation himself, forcing the patients through dangerous and immoral experiences to induce introspection. He watches them through his hidden army of security cameras, orchestrating his plot from behind the scenes like The Truman Show meets Lord of The Flies.


As the doctor's methods become more sinister, the hidden truths of this facility become exposed. The group begins to understand that the only way to escape both their pasts and this facility is to rebel against the greater power, shaking the entire program to its very core.


The next step is to pitch our show so that we can tell this complex story and share it with the world. We have plenty of information and materials to share, so if you are interested in hearing more about our idea, please contact us at:

We can't wait to find The Woods a home.

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